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1. How do I add time?
-Every new sub point adds 3 minutes to the timer!
2. How long will the marathon go?
-The stream can go up to 24 hours!
3. What’s happening during the stream?
-We will be playing a TON of the Link’s Awakening remake, but there are a few incentives! 
-At 2000 sub points, Fu will attempt the full Shrek movie in Beat Saber!
-DON’T FORGET ABOUT STICKERS! Fu has a number of stickers to choose from that she will put on each time new sub points are added!
     -1 point = 1 simple sticker
     -5 points = 2 special stickers
     -20+ points = up to 5 stickers of your choosing!
Sticker choices here:

Here are the Details!!

What’s the Spoopathon War?
The Spoopathon war is a yearly bidding war to help Fu decide which scary game she’s going to be playing around Halloween! Also, the whole holiday is filled a week of costumes, creative streams, and other bonus incentives!! The war lasts ALL MONTH, so from now until the last stream of September! The winning game will be played the week of Halloween along with any other spoopy incentives that are met!

How does this all work?
All subs, bits and donations will translate into points! Points will automatically be added to your account, so you can add them yourself! Here are the relevant commands:
!points = will show you the point totals for all 4 games
!votes = how many points you currently have to spend
!vote [Game ID] [point amount] = put your points towards a game (refer below for game IDs) with the amount of points you want to use
*Example: !vote RE2 5
*Keep in mind that unused points will be removed after 24 hours so people can’t hoard them until the end of the month!

What are the games to choose from?
#1: LOF2 – Layers of Fear 2
#2: RE2 – Resident Evil 2 (remake)
#3: MOM – Man of Medan (Until Dawn follow-up)
#4: VIS – Visage

What is all of this going towards?
I want to use this month as a time to make a push for sub points. If we can make one big push to unlock emote slots, then you get them forever, so now is the time!! We have Subtember benefits with Twitch as well to help us out! Let’s see how high we can go this month so we have new emotes to fill out for you all!! Also, any donations and bits will be going toward TwitchCon, new equipment (New VR set, etc.) and commissioning new emotes!

Sub Incentives:
1000: Luigi’s Mansion 3 playthrough Nov. 1! (incentive met!)
1400: FF VIII remastered playthrough!
1600: Fusgiving! (Thanksgiving community cooking stream)
2000: The Last of Us playthrough!
2400: Five Nights: Help Wanted! (1 night of each section)
2800: Dark Souls playthrough!
3000: Five Nights: Help Wanted FULL playthrough!

Donation & Bit Incentives:
$500: Danganronpa VR class trial! (incentive met!)
$1000: 12-hour community games day! (incentive met!)
$1500: Inflatable costume Just Dance stream! (inventive met!)
$2000: Paper Mario 64 100% playthrough!
$2500: TTYD 100% playthrough!


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