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1. Be kind to everyone in chat, this is a safe and positive environment for everyone so violence and aggression isn't cool
2. Respect me and the mods, we work hard to promote a healthy and happy chat!
3. Don't post the same message more than twice (unless it's a raid or hype) - I can't get to every message and always try my best to always say hello to everyone, but it's not always possible!
4. No inappropriate links/photos (though awesome ones are acceptable)
5. Don't ask to be a mod, I pick those who are friendly and helpful and who don't ask in the first place
6. Keep the spamming to a minimum please, only use some for sub, donation and PB hype!
7. Multiple/imitation accounts aren't cool and will be banned
8. Please don't advertise in stream, it's disrespectful
9. Most importantly- be awesome! ...which let's face it, you're already doing, so keep it up! 😀

For more tips on stream etiquette, check out this article!

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