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July Subathon!

❤️ Subathon & Incentive Details!! ❤️

When is it?
This Friday & Saturday, July 30th & 31st! (maybe more??)

How does it work?
To make things healthier for Fu’s physical and mental state, we have 2 streams, each starting at 6 hours with subs extending up to 12 hours each day!
If we go over the cap of 12 hours, time will spill into the next day. Additionally, if time goes over again on Saturday, that will be added on to the following weekend!
We also have sub, bit and donation incentives!!
*Every 10 new sub points will add 30 minutes!

Sub Incentives:
850 sub points: Beat Saber in green screen outfit tonight (only see head & hands)
900 sub points: Powerwash Simulator on Saturday w/ AMA!
1000 sub points: Discord Beat Saber song request stream! 
1100 sub points: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night playthrough (never played a Castlevania game!)

Donation & Bit Incentive:
$1000: Golden Sun playthrough!
$2000: ???
This is to help me save up for a nice new office chair to fit my cross-legged needs! I live in my office chair so investing in something high quality is a smart play.

Thank you so much for your support!! ❤️

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