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Holiday Paper Mario Marathon!!

❄️Marathon Incentive Details!! ❄️

How to increase the time?
As usual, this marathon can go up to 24 hours! Every new sub point adds 3 minutes! (aka 20 per hour)

Sub Incentives:
900 sub points: Wall-E lego building stream!
1000 sub points: Art stream with Bird! (fingerpainting & other unique styles)
1100 sub points: 

Donation/Bit Incentives:
Tips will be going toward travel expenses, new equipment and future projects!
$500: Hiking video with Thor!
$1000: Disney World vlog! 1st vlog ever!!
$1500: N64 character face paints! (yes I will finally start doing these!)
$2000: Shrek movie on Beat Saber!

Donating/cheering these amounts will let you pick from the following…
$5 (choose one): 
       -no jumping for the next battle (excluding boss fights)
       -no hammer for the next battle (excluding boss fights)
$10 (choose one): 
       -choose my partner for the next 3 battles
       -can’t use partner for next battle (excluding boss fights)
       -no items for 20 minutes
       -go buy a li’l oink
       -dress up Pixel for 10 minutes (with puppy cam)
       -Pause and go get the kitten for 15 minutes
       -Immediately game over or reset the console

Thank you all for your support! Happy Holidays everyone!! ❤️

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