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Holiday Incentives!

❄️ Holiday Incentive Details!! ❄️

When does it end?
This Sunday, December 16th at the end of stream! Lets see how many goals we can reach!!

Sub Incentives:
900 sub points: Bad/Funny Christmas games stream! Help me pick the best titles! GOAL REACHED!
1000 sub points: Holiday baking stream! GOAL REACHED!
1100 sub points: Holiday face painting stream! You get to help me pick the design! GOAL REACHED!
1200 sub points: Danganronpa series playthroughs with voice acting! GOAL REACHED!

Donation Incentives:
All donations will be going toward some new things for Fu to try after Kingdom Hearts III!
$500: Kingdom Hearts III Kairi cosplay! GOAL REACHED!
$1000: Pokemon: Let’s Go! playthrough (help me pick which version!) GOAL REACHED!
$1500: Life is Strange: Before the Storm one stream wonder!
$2000: Disney hero/villain face paint series!

Thank you all for your support! ❤️

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