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February Marathon!

❤️ Marathon & Incentive Details!! ❤️

When is it?
This Friday, February 22nd! Lets see how many goals we can reach!!

How does it work?
This will be a standard 8+hour marathon, with subs extending the time! The marathon can get up to a max of 24-hours! We also have sub, bit and donation incentives!!
*Every new sub point will add 3 minutes!

Sub Incentives:
900 sub points: Nintendo Labo building stream! GOAL REACHED!
1000 sub points: Twitch Sings stream! 
1100 sub points: Persona 3 playthrough!
1200 sub points: Getting Over It full playthrough!
1400 sub points: Life is Strange 2 playthrough!
1600 sub points: The Last of Us playthrough!!

Donation Incentive:
$500: Legend of Zelda face paint series!! (Zora, Fierce Diety, etc.)

Bit Incentives:
10k: Gris Playthrough (during the marathon!) GOAL REACHED!
20k: VR stream!! (Beat saber + other fun goofy VR stuff!) GOAL REACHED! 
50k: N64 games marathon!! (Gex, Jetforce Gemini, you vote some in!) GOAL REACHED! 
100K: Mario & Luigi best games series!!

Thank you so much for your support!! ❤️

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