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Subathon Days Part 2!

❤️ Subathon & Incentive Details! ❤️

When is it?
Monday Feb. 19th through Wednesday Feb. 21st! (and beyond?)

How does it work?
For every 25 sub points we will add one hour to the stream, starting at 5 hours and going up to 12 hours per day! Each sub or $5+ tip/cheer can also get a song redemption (voice pending) of your choice from this list:
Song Request List
OR (because voice things)
Spin the wheel of mayhem! Our theme is: Kindergarten!

Subscribe here!
Tip here!

What games are being played?
I think this is a really fun opportunity to go through some of the old incentives that are left to fill! So for this week that will hopefully include:
-Pokémon Alpha Sapphire baby challenge run! (basically a nuzlocke)
-Mario 64 16-star run (taught by Bird)
-Minecraft hide n seek with Bird
Otherwise we’ll beat Mario vs. Donkey Kong and continue with more Persona 4 G and whatever else seems fun!

We are changing the way we do sub incentives! Each goal will have its own amount to hit rather than total overall points, so if you want to put your subs toward a certain incentive only you can do that!
One sub = 5 points
$1 or 100 bits = 1 point
*Similar to the Spoopathon system, use !vote and then the code below to add your points to that incentive!

1000 points Code: GS Golden Sun playthrough! GOAL MET!
350 points Code: PC Childhood PC games night! GOAL MET!
400 points Code: AC Animal Crossing cooking stream! GOAL MET!
3010 points Code: 602 Segmented 602 (1-week limit)

This is to help with living expenses leading into spring!


Donation & Bit Incentive:
| $500 | Purah cosplay (ToTK) |
This is to help save up for a new CPU to support more streaming options!

Thank you so much for your support!! ❤️

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