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❄️Holiday Subathon 2023!!❄️

It’s time for a holiday subathon! For every 25 sub points we will add one hour to the stream, up to 12 hours per day! Each sub or $5+ tip/cheer can also get a song redemption of your choice from this list: 
Song Request List

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*Bakesale details:

Fu is baking some yummy things! If you like cookies and live in the US, feel free to leave Fu a tip of $25 or more! As a thank you, she’d be happy to send over some cookies. Today she’s making: 1) chocolate crinkle cookies (vegan & gluten free!), 2) brown butter snickerdoodles, and 3) holiday tagalongs. In the tip info, please leave an address and your favorite things she’s baking today! *This is not an actual purchase, merely a way to support Fu and a thank you in return 😉

Fu can’t guarantee arrival by Christmas but here’s hoping it all ships quickly!

*Starred games will hopefully occur during the subathon weekend or shortly after!


Thursday December 20th

Friday December 21st


Saturday December 22nd

Sunday December 23rd
Present opening stream and sub Christmas movie night!! We’ll open presents, sing Christmas carols and hang out! After we’ll game and have a jolly time!

Sunday & Monday December 24th & 25th
No stream for Christmas family plans! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! ❤️

Tuesday & Wednesday December 26th & 27th
Normal streams!

Thursday December 28th – Tuesday January 2nd
Mountain streams! This means streams will be shorter and less frequent, based on plans during the week. I’ll keep everyone updated as best as I can! No stream on the 31st for sure!

Wednesday January 3rd – Thursday January 11th
Normal streams!

Friday January 12th – Sunday January 21st
AGDQ! Check out the Games Done Quick site for more information on the charity marathon! I will be hosting and interviewing throughout the week! More details on my segments can be found on the GDQ schedule and the Discord server as we get close to the event!


Want to send Fu a gift?
Check out her Amazon Wishlist here for ideas!
Then send it to Fu’s PO Box to open on stream!
P.O. Box 7167
Richmond VA 23221

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