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Here are the Details!!

So what’s new?! I’ve been waiting for forever!!
Stay tuned for the start of the celebration to finally learn about the new stuff!  

When do we celebrate??
Since we’re celebrating 5 years, that means 5 days of mini marathons!!
*April 19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th!! (excluding Sunday for Easter) Streams will be starting earlier than usual due to the potential length of each one!

What are we doing each day?
Here’s the schedule!
4/19: Chill day
4/20: Community day! Movie night after stream!
4/22: Chill day
4/23: Speedrunning day
4/24: Celebration/One Stream Wonder day! 

How does it work?
Every stream starts at 8 hours, and can get up to a max of 12 hours each day!! We also have sub, bit and donation incentives! That’s an additional 20 hours of total stream time that can be added!! Plus, added time will roll over into the next day! There are also now a few sub incentives you can check at 1k and above!
If we go over the max time on the last day, stream might just keep going…
*Every 20 new sub points adds an hour!

Donation & Bit Incentives:
$100: Labo VR (goal reached!)
$250: Yoshi’s Crafted World playthrough! (goal reached!)
$500: Life is Strange 2 playthrough! (goal reached!)
$1000: Danganronpa Cosplay Cooking stream! (goal reached!)
$1500: Mario & Luigi best games playthroughs!! (goal reached!)
$2000: Studio Ghibli face paint series!! (goal reached!)
$2500: LEGO R2D2 & Steamboat Willie building streams!
*All donations are going toward new equipment and new content!!


Thank you all so much for being around for the last 5 years! I can’t believe we’ve gone so far and been together for so long! Having such an amazing community like you has been one of the proudest and most humbling things in my life, and I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have you all around! Every stream is a great experience and something I’m looking forward to. I can’t wait to continue growing with you all, and doing more for the stream!! Enjoy all of the new stuff, and thanks again for being such a wonderful fruit basket. ❤️❤️❤️

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