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Holy crap, 10 years. It’s been a journey. We need to do something special!

What are we doing to celebrate?

10 years means 10 days of streams! Each day will focus on an element of the stream that’s been featured at some point over the past decade. (eww wtf decade??)

April 24th through May 3rd we will be doing the following streams:



04/24 Opening Day Throwback stream with Paper Mario & more!
04/25 Speedrunning Day Kirby 64, Spyro, KatFL & Splatoon
04/26 Creative Day LEGOs & more!
04/27 Workout Day Just Dance & Beat Saber!
04/28 Cooking Day Yummy ACNH themed food!
04/29 Crowd Control Day Kingdom Hearts but you can modify the game
04/30 Voice Acting/Visual Novel Day Plus a special guest!
05/01 Community Day Jackbox, Splatoon, & Minecraft hide n seek!
05/02 Spoopathon Day Mini spoopy session!
05/03 Marathon Day Mega Zelda 3D games shuffler! Stream time go uppies!


Daily Incentives

For each day, there will either be a wheel/roulette available to spin, incentives to hit, or individual things that can happen!
Type !incentives in chat each stream to learn more about the incentives open for that day!
When days include goals to hit (like the Spoopathon day), refer to the below point system:

1 sub = 5 points
$1 or 100 bits = 1 point
Use !vote and then the code related to the incentive you want to add your points to that incentive!

Song redemption (voice pending) choices from this list if spun on a wheel:
Song Request List

Marathon Day

Stream will start at 6 hours and can go up to 12!

For every 10 sub points we will add 30 minutes to the stream! 

The stream will contain a roulette that will have all main 3D Zeldas on it to swap between randomly every 25 points (5 subs or $25). At the beginning of stream there will be a prediction in place so you can put points towards which game you think I will make the most progress in! Only through the final timer and spins will we get the final winner!

Subscribe here!
Tip here!

Spoopathon Day

Stream this day will be split into two halves: Group gaming & then the Spoopy winners!
During the first half of stream, every sub, resub, gift, tip & bits (over $1) gets you points you can put toward any of the games below to help reach their goals! If hit anytime during the stream, it will get played during the second half of the stream!

Use !votes to check on your current points, then !vote (game code) (point amount) to put points toward a game!

Dishwashing Simulator (DS) 100 Points GOAL MET!
Shipwrecked 64 (S64) 50 Points  GOAL MET!
You Feel Normal (YFN) 150 Points
The Windows Are Gone (WAG) 100 Points



Note from Fu
Thank you all so much for being a part of this community for the last 10 years!! Whether you’ve recently joined, or consider yourself an OG, I’m so happy to have had you here. I’m so grateful for your company, your support, and how you’ve helped keep the stream going! I know things have changed over the last 10 years, but I feel like the heart of the stream has stayed the same. We’re just here to have a chill and fun time, and I’ve always hoped to add more to your day in some way.  The future is looking bright, and there are a lot of new goals to hit! The stream may change in the upcoming future, but I still want it to be around for a while to come, regardless of what else happens (VA community here we come!) Thanks again to you all for creating and upholding such a wonderful fruit basket community for so long. Much love ❤️❤️❤️

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