I am so fortunate to be a part of The Wigglers!! Please check out my AWESOME teammates channels! We have a diverse range of stream environments and are all very friendly and welcoming people, so don’t be afraid to go say hello to all of us!


Chris is mainly a Mario speedrunner who’s always in a good mood! He also occasionally does casual variety streams as well as Pokemon and Portal speedruns! Make sure to throw him a follow!


Avalon is one of the humblest and sweetest guys you will ever talk to. He mainly plays Final Fantasy XIV and does a few Megaman and other speedruns! Make sure to give him your support!


Carci is a Resident Evil speedrunner and does multiple versions of the game, as well as Final Fantasy games! He’s super nice and friendly and great at explaining his runs! Check out his stream!


Big Jon is a great streamer and hilarious guy who speedruns the Super Mario Lost Levels and does other fun games like Golf and The Price is Right! Go check out his array of streams!


Jen is a super sweetheart who plays a lot of Dead By Daylight, as well as some other variety games, loves cats, and definitely deserves your support! Go follow her and say hello!


Jade is a fun and hilariously sassy variety streamer who likes to play all sorts of new games and RPGs. Make sure to drop her a follow!


Slack is an RPG lover and a Binding of Isaac speedrunner who dabbles in some cool variety games as well, and it definitely worth your time to check out! Follow the stream and say hi!


Tess is possibly the sweetest girl you’ve ever met, who plays a number of fps’s and new variety games, with the occasional scary game!! Check out her and her cutie kitties and give her your support!


Tooshi is a great guy who speedruns a bunch of games like Mario Sunshine and Banjo Kazooie, and plays a lot of Mario Maker and Minecraft as well! Don’t miss out, go follow him!

Girls on Fire is an all girls speedrunning team! This team was created to help promote ladies that, you guessed it, speedrun games, as they’re typically pretty hard to find! These girls have a great variety of games that they play and are all worth checking out!!














Types of Dudes is a list of awesome female variety streamers who deserve your time of day!

We are the type of dudes who like to stream.


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